Due to the high volume of inquiries, emails will be responded to within two weeks.

A consultation can be set up at no cost, though a non-refundable deposit is required to begin designing the artwork and to reserve an appointment.


To make it as comfortable as possible for both the artist and the client,
Pete prefers to work with his clients one-on-one during the consultation and the tattoo appointment. A private area is available for clients on request for the tattoo work.


Please keep in mind that because of his delicate style and his choice of fine color nuances, he is not comfortable working on skin, which is or was heavily exposed to the sun in order to avoid discoloration.


Finally, if in the extremely rare case that Pete feels as though tattooing the client would be malpractice (for example if the client shows severe anxiety, distress or indecisiveness) prior to beginning tattoo work on the day of the appointment, he reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the appointment, keeping the client’s best interest in mind. In this case, the deposit will be fortified.

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