Due to the high volume of inquires, not all projects can be taken on. Pete is prioritizing color and black & grey botanical themed projects. He is not taking on projects that include phoenixes, wolves, elephants, lions, script, compasses, trees, bees, logos, symbols or projects that integrate work completed by another artist.

Pete does his best work for clients who trust the process and give him full creative control. 

His books are currently closed for the remainder of 2022. He will be making booking announcements on his instagram @zen.decibel. 

Finally, if in the extremely rare case that Pete feels as though tattooing the client would be malpractice (for example if the client shows severe anxiety, distress or indecisiveness) prior to beginning tattoo work on the day of the appointment, he reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the appointment, keeping the client’s best interest in mind. In this case, the deposit will be forfeited.

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